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FREE Zion Narrows Map and Planner

Zion Narrows Map and Trip Planner pamphletPlanning a Zion Narrows hike (or any adventure) from afar can be difficult. Anticipating basic travel logisitics is hard enough, let alone finding the detailed information you need to make good decisions and preparations. When we plan trips, we yearn for good, reliable, and pertinent information, all in one place. And when we find that critical resource that pulls everything together... Woohoo! That's why we designed a Zion Narrows map to help folks visualize and prepare for The Narrows before they get to Zion.

Our Zion Narrows Map and Trip Planner helps you understand the critical aspects of a Narrows trip in a clear and concise presentation. It includes maps of both the Bottom-Up and Top-Down Narrows hikes, including major landmarks, campsites, mileage markers, time estimates, and sections of The Narrows where it's difficult to find high ground. The flip side of our Zion Narrows map includes information on flash flooding, seasonal temperatures, Leave No Trace, shuttle arrangements, and the critical "What to Bring" list for day hikes and overnight trips.

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Detailed Top-Down Description

Few hikes on Earth surround you with such grandeur over the entire length of the hike. Starting from the top, this hike takes you on an eighteen million-year journey through geologic time. From open pasture lands on top of the plateau, the river slowly slices into the Earth, sinking deeper and deeper below the stone walls on either side. Gradually, the shorelines grow smaller and smaller, the walls grow taller and taller, and you find yourself in a grand, enormous hallway of beautifully carved stone. It is truly like being in an Indiana Jones movie. The drama continues for miles, as corner after corner reveals more surprises and wonders of this unique and magical place.

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Detailed Bottom-Up Hike

Overview: Most Narrows hikers choose this route for their visit. The Bottom-Up Hike offers the most options, the shortest time commitment, and the opportunity to see the most dramatic section of narrows,known as “Wall Street.”

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Trailhead Directions

If you plan to arrange your own private shuttle for a Top-Down hike, you'll need to park your entry vehicle at Chamberlain's Ranch. Though it's not complicated to find the trailhead parking lot, many people get lost along the way due to the lack of landmarks or clear signage. Use these directions to get to the Ranch more efficiently. If you don't want to arrange a self-shuttle, look into our excellent Shuttle Service.

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Book Your Shuttle

If you are hiking the one-way Narrows Top-Down Hike, from Chamberlain's Ranch to the Temple of Sinawava, you need to arrange a vehicle shuttle. Groups with two vehicles AND the energy to drive 3 hours round-trip AFTER their hike (whew!) can arrange a shuttle using the Trailhead Directions. Groups with only one vehicle (or no vehicles) need to book a commercial shuttle. Browse our Shuttle Service here.

Do You Need A Permit?

Are you hiking the Top-Down version of The Narrows hike, either overnight or in one day? If so, then YES, you need a permit from the Zion Backcountry Desk! If you are hiking the Narrows from the bottom -up, no permit is necessary.

Click here to learn more about Zion National Park permits and/or make a permit reservation.