Half-Day Basic


  • Imagine waking up, grabbing breakfast, and driving to a quiet, secluded area of tall cliffs and twisted canyons. You hike up a trail to a remote location, don a harness and some light equipment, and begin an amazing descent through long corridors of smooth stone. Using ropes, your teammates, and your own body in ways you never have, you slowly move through the canyon with endless wonder and curiosity. What lies around the next corner? How did a place like this come to be? Why didn't you start canyoneering a long time ago??? Our Half-Day Basic course opens up the world of canyoneering for all those who are intrigued with travelling through slot canyon passageways. For many, this is the first step of a long journey...      

  • - Designed for those who intend to descend canyons on their own after the course
    - Age 12 or older recommended
  • This course offers an amazing introduction to canyoneering as we rappel and squeeze our way through one of the areas super-slots, bordering Zion National Park. This preview of our One- and Three-Day Basic courses is unique and unmatched in quality of experience, skills acquisition, and exploration. If you want to experience the magic of slot canyons, but only have a few hours to spare, make time for this event.

    • Hiking, scrambling, and down-climbing
    • Multiple rappels (20 to 50 ft)
    • Hands-on experience
    • No swimming or drysuits/wetsuits necessary 
  • We build competence in techniques essential to self-guided canyoneering. This course can prepare you to descend canyons like Keyhole, Echo, Orderville, and the Subway.

    • Harness, safety tether, and carabiner use
    • Knots and hitches
    • Evaluating and using anchors
    • Rope handling for rappelling
    • Emergency rope ascent
    • Down-climbing & stemming
    • "Leave No Trace"
  • We provide all the necessary technical gear and transportation for your group, but recommend:

    - 2 quarts of water/person & lunch/snacks for the day
    - Sunscreen
    - T-shirt & swim shorts (June - Aug)
    - Warm clothes/fleece (Sept - May)
    - Hat, gloves & rain gear (Sept - May)
    - Camera
    • Meet for morning instruction at Zion Adventure Company at 36 Lion Blvd., across from the Quality Inn.
    • 7 days/week, year-round
    • Class begins at 7:30 am (Mountain Daylight Time)
    • Drive time is about 35 minutes
    • Trips return between Noon and 1 p.m.

    One on One $249.00
    Two or More $149.00 per person
    Group Discount 8 or more 10%

    *** Add a professional photographer for $89 (half-days) or $149 (full days).

    • Early reservations advised. Dates tend to book 30 to 45 days out, June through August. Check your calendar and book early.
    • A Private Trip Supplement ($25/person, waived for groups of 5 or more) guarantees no one else will be joining your group.
    • All trips subject to 7.55% sales tax