A Zion Narrows hiker contemplates the beauty and silence

Helping You Hike The Zion Narrows Since 1996

In the winter of 1996, we visited Zion National Park for the first time. Standing at the end of the Riverside Walk, we peered up into the Zion Narrows, deeply intrigued by the beauty and mystery the canyon held. Held off by the cold February water, we drove back to Springdale to rent gear for the hike upstream. To our surprise, nobody in town offered cold-weather hiking equipment for the Narrows. "It's too cold right now," they said, "Come back in the summertime." On the plane ride home, we envisioned equipment that would make the Zion Narrows hike possible year-round, enabling thousands more people to see this special place each year...

Six months later, Zion Adventure Company opened as the first business in Springdale to offer gear and information to help people hike Zion's Narrows safely and comfortably during ANY season of the year. Over the years, we have designed, tested, and improved our canyon footwear, drysuits, and backpacks to become the ultimate companions for your Zion Narrows hike. Our seasonal rental packages, combined with our informative Pre-Narrows Orientation Session, help you make the transition from a trail hiker to a confident and competent beginning canyoneer.


Current Conditions for the Zion Narrows

Springtime in The Narrows means warmer air temperatures and longer days to explore the canyon's grandeur. The river water is COLD snowmelt, however, and most folks require wetsuits or drysuits to hike comfortably. Depending on seasonal snowmelt rates, river levels sometimes become dangerous, forcing the Park to close The Narrows at times. To find out if The Narrows is open, read this guide.