Vanessa Ballard

VanessaGrowing up as a small town farm girl in Northern Utah, I’ve always had a love for the outdoors. When I was young you could find me hanging out around the farm animals’, splashing around in the irrigation ditches and ponds catching water skitters and grasshoppers, or building snow forts with secret entrances and an arsenal of snowballs waiting to attack someone with.

Those adventures gave me the spark to go to a college located in Southern Utah, with an Outdoor Recreation Program, where I graduated with a degree in Outdoor Recreation Parks and Tourism. I now have a job I love, working for Zion Adventure Company, which allows me to play in the great outdoors every day.

Zion National park is a place that has always offered me a feeling of excitement, and fun. You may see me from time to time hiking Angel’s Landing, rappelling down a canyon, or wading or tubing the Virgin River. When I’m not in Zion National Park, I can be found boating, horseback riding, snowmobiling, and shooting guns with friends and family.