Amelia Gull

AmeliaDream... As a child growing up in southern Utah, my play time was packed full of canyon excitement and exploration. My childhood imagination was filled with dreams of adventures in rock crevasses and slots. Games such as "Hide-and-seek," "Ghosts in the Graveyard," and "Cougar" were always better in the red rock of National and State parks! Never did I dream that I would have the chance to work and live so closely with these natural wonders.

Explore... As a teenager, Zion served as an excellent place for me to explore and discover. From biology, geology, and history field trips to watching waterfalls cascading off cliffs during rainstorms, Zion had more and more to offer. New experiences were all around me - both natural and man-made. Christmas Day dinner at Zion Lodge every year with my Grandparents became a family tradition and Zion became evermore intertwined in my life.

Since my youth, I have continued to fall in love with the red rocks, steep cliffs, and deep colors of Zion. During my college years I was introduced to canyoneering, and a vast new world of sculptured canyons and backcountry opened up for me. Zion truly became a part of me during this time in my life. So many places to explore and fall in love with! How could I ever see it all in a lifetime?

For the past several years, I've had the wonderful opportunity of working in the National Parks during my summers. During these experiences, I was able to live inside the park. What a way to grow closer to the natural world! From these experiences, I now see Zion Canyon and Kolob Canyons in a much more intimate way. Waking up to a glorious sunrise every morning as it touches the top of Mount Spry instills a sense of wonder and attachment that can't be matched.

Remember... After taking a wonderful work detour to Sequoia National Park, I had a desire to return to Zion. Memories of family camping trips, canyoneering experiences, and relaxing days by the river, drove me to look for work in the area once more. Zion Adventure Company caught my attention, and I suddenly found myself in love with this Company. The amazing staff and customers, visionary mission, and everyday growth that occur here is incredible. Zion Adventure Company truly excels in connecting the visitor to the park in a remarkable way.

Dream. Explore. Grow. Love. Remember...