Client Testimonials

Occasionally, we receive the honor of formal letters, e-mails, or public reviews from our clients regarding our services. We value this feedback tremendously and welcome any thoughts, concerns, questions, or critique you may have after your experience with Zion Adventure Company. Here, we offer a selection of our clients' feedback, the strongest advertising we can offer...
  • Harold & Rex Jacobsen

    June 24, 2012

    Good Afternoon,

    You may get tired of me writing. But I will never get tired of meeting good quality ZAC guides.

    My son and I hiked Water Canyon on June 16. We first encountered Bailey and later in the day BJ. I made sure I did not inturrupt Bailey's instruction to her clients. But, my son Rex, age 24, who started rappelling when age 5, has only known my methods. We sat to the side and I explained the equipment, rigging and knots that Bailey was using that were different from the set ups I have used. As her clients descended, we enjoyed pleasant conversation with Bailey.

    Later, we encountered BJ. He recognized me from a previous year. Again, he (as well as Bailey) was totally professional as well as personable.

    I'm not a financially well off man. So, I try to get equipment that meets the safety standard but are less expensive. Since my last encounter with BJ, my praise of ZAC prompted my wife to gift to me a Canyonaero rope and Rope Silo-Hybrid. These items were with me in Water Canyon and recognized by Bailey. I also discussed with BJ the new style helmets.

    Bailey let us know of an annual used gear sale. I have signed up for the newletter to watch for the event.

    Bottom line, it increased our enjoyment of the canyon to have competent, professional and friendly ZAC representatives interacting with us.

    Please give them our best regards,
    Harold & Rex Jacobsen
  • The Von Doerstens

    April 13, 2012

    Dear Zion Adventure Company,

     I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude for the adventure my family recently had with you on a half day canyoneering trip with Bill and Rob.  My daughters, aged 5 and 8, had the time of their lives and my 5 year old pulled off some great rappels including a 60 footer under her own control.

    Bill and Rob were fantastic, and spent a lot of time and attention on my daughters, so that my wife and I could fully enjoy the day.  There was no great anxiety or drama, just pure fun.  I was most impressed that even on the drive back to Springdale, Rob still was talking almost exclusively with Sylvie, my 5 year old, who was enthralled with her adventure and talking to a real climber. The equipment and transportation were top notch.

    Feel free to use this as one of your testimonials, as your team is beautifully set up for a family group.  We hope to return next year for a full day trip and some wet canyons.

    Peter G. Von Doersten, MD and Kristen R. Von Doersten
  • Andrew S.

    November 23, 2011

    Great place, really great. I would not recommend going to Zion without involving this place. Even if you don't buy or rent anything from here, the staff here is so sincerely passionate and knowledgeable about Zion and its many activities, they will really help to make your visit a maximally enjoyable one. Kudos to the founder/owner -- he's really assembled a phenomenal team. And their website is fantastic too -- very informative on every single activity there is to do in Zion -- way better than the official park website. I definitely recommend that anyone visiting Zion at least stop by this place.

    Oh yes, the owner's 8 year old boy works there (pro bono I assume), and boy is he a wunderkind -- he knows everything there is to know about the park, the equipment at ZAC, the meaning of life, you name it ha! What a great little dynamo!

    Andrew S. (via Yelp!)
    New York, NY
  • Arizona Outback Adventures

    October 31, 2011


    I want to thank you and all of your staff for helping us with the recent Team in Training event at Zion National Park. You were so helpful and patient with us, from our very first contact, with a ‘make it work’ attitude. Once we descended upon your shop with our large groups, your staff was a model of organization, friendliness, patience, and service. The entire experience was pleasant and professional, and I look forward to working with you and your team in the future.

    From myself and all of the AOA Guides: THANK YOU!!

    Tim Dice
    Operations Supervisor
    Arizona Outback Adventures
  • Michael Beaver

    October 4, 2011

    Hi All at ZAC,

    A big thank you to everyone for going the extra mile to make my recent Zion trip such an enjoyable experience. Thanks particularly to Scott Williams and BJ Cassell for their deep knowledge, insight, infectious enthusiasm, patience and generosity in sharing their passion for canyoneering and the great outdoors.

    Thanks also to the guiding/outfitting team for tolerating my hanging around at ZAC between 6-7pm many nights, looking for canyoneering buddies for the next day; I had travelled alone from Europe and did not want to be venturing out solo into such potentially dangerous terrain.

    I also much appreciated Scott arranging a transfer to a High Adventure Day itinerary, (a full descent of Water Canyon with BJ as guide), for the last day of my 3 day basic course. He had seen that I was ready for a more autonomous/strenuous canyoneering experience than perhaps were the other members of the group. Scott's observation, diplomacy and discretion meant everyone was catered for, without any individual feeling held back or under pressure to do too much.

    In the week after the course, I twice descended Keyhole Canyon and Pine Creek, each second time in effect using my newly-learned skills to lead a small group down these canyons.

    The icing on the cake was last Friday, sharing a trip through Mystery Canyon with BJ on his day off; a magical voyage, a first for us both, and well worth the 5.30am alarm call the day before to snag the permits. Attached is a quick snap of me on the way down into Mystery Springs :)

    I'll be back to rent a wetsuit and some 5.10's next year!

    Best wishes,

    Michael Beaver
    Route de Valleiry 5
    1284 Chancy
  • Kim Blanchard

    October 19, 2011

    Thanks again to ZAC for a wonderful time! Our rapelling adventure with Rob was outstanding. We all enjoyed Rob with all his knowledge along with lots of patience! We hope to see you if you come to Baton Rouge. Maria, thank you for the shuttle to Chamberlain Ranch, we enjoyed our visit during the ride. Hank, it was great to see you again even though it was just for a brief moment. ZAC has a great group of people, always friendly, helpful, and filled with useful information. We come back every October, but I'm hoping sooner this time...We'll be seeing you. SLP (stupid Louisiana People)That's what we call ourselves after doing the Narrows from top to bottom, OUCH! We were very thankful for the equimpment from ZAC.

    Kim Blanchard
    Baton Rouge, LA
  • David Ragland

    September 19, 2011

    Dear Zion Adventure Company,

    I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to your staff for all their help in making my first Zion experience one I'll never forget. I had the pleasure of dealing with Amanda on my initial phone call to reserve my gear, and also on my first visit to the store, and cannot say enough about how helpful she was in making sure I had exactly what I needed. Her exuberant personality & infectious smile were definitely a welcome change after having run into a few snags earlier on my vacation. On the day of my Narrows hike, we were lucky enough to have Steve as our shuttle driver. His knowledge of the area, and the outdoors in general, was a huge help in my trek through the Narrows and beyond. I ended up putting 31 miles on my Canyoneer shoes over a two day period, and they, along with the other gear I rented, worked perfectly. I hope to make it back to Zion soon, but until then I will definitely spread the word of the awesome experience I had with ZAC!

    Thanks again,

    David Ragland,
    Nashville, TN
  • Jim Bohn

    August 11, 2011

    We recently visited Zions National Park and used the services of Zion Adventure Company. We can't say enough about how well we were treated. We experienced river tubing, 4x4 adventure, canyoneering and rented gear for the Narrows hike. Bill was our tour guide for the 4x4 tour and did an excellent job. We also had BJ take us out canyoneering and it was awesome. BJ was great and very patient with my 8 year old son who had a little fear of heights. Overall the experience was awesome and we will recommend and use Zion Adventure Company again.

    Jim Bohn
  • Tim Hanko

    August 9, 2011

    Dear ZAC,

    You folks at Zion Adventure Company really do a great job. Lots of good information about Springdale and Zion NP. You guys and gals are the place to rent Narrows gear, get shuttle rides, and even provide a place to which to send replacements for lost drivers' licenses, and get info about great hikes around the area. I've been a customer since 2004 and have never had any complaint whatsoever. Special thanks to Dave and Anna for their help in 2011.

    Tim Hanko
    Walker, MI
  • Amy Howe & Barton Mayer

    July 29, 2011

    Dear nice folks at Zion Adventure Company,

    My husband, Bart Mayer, spent a year designing and planning a backpack trip for his brothers in Utah. They rendezvoused in Zion (from Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York) and were looking forward to your shuttle the next morning. As you might remember, one of the brothers took quite ill, with fluid around his heart, and was admitted to a medical center in St. George. When he was released a few days later, they all flew home. He is doing better, but the trip was a chaotic disaster. I would like to thank you for your compassion and kindness. You called me, the emergency contact, to figure out what was going on. You understood. You reimbursed us. You were the best part of the trip. I somehow doubt they will do it again, but if they do, WE know who we will be calling.

    Thank you so much,
    Amy Howe and Barton Mayer
  • Bob Melchior

    July 11, 2011


    Missed you twice in the office last week, but it was good to speak with you prior to our arrival. My son and I had a great time hiking the East Rim Trail, and then The Narrows the next day, on what I was told was only the second day it was open this summer. Of course, our Zion Adventures equipment only made for a more comfortable and safe trip. I am normally in the area during the late summer/early fall and so it was a real treat to have the water level at the stage (134 CFS). Near as we could tell, we were the only hikers to go to Big Springs that day, as we saw no one going up or down after Wall Street. Thanks again for all of your support in the past, and for providing the equipment for another great adventure last week. Zion will always hold a special place in my heart, and it was particularly special to be able to introduce my son to its wild beauty and grace.

    Bob Melchior
    Fairfax Station, Virginia
  • Gregory Wright

    July 7, 2011

    My brother and I spent a week in St. George with my sister, Lisa Bounds, a St. George resident. Lisa took us to ZAC and got us going on the Narrows trail early, first thing on July 6th. But I think it was Anna who really got us going. Your staff was most attentive, helpful and kind. She even bandaged a scrape on Lisa's arm when we returned our hiking gear. I felt we were not only doing business with you, but also having fun. Thanks again for facilitating an amazing life experience. There is a friendly staff great attitude going on at ZAC. Thanks again.

    Gregory Wright
  • Cuauh Garcia

    July 7, 2011

    Dear Amanda and Shelley,

    Thank you very much for all your help last week. Your suggestions and the dry suits that you rented us worked well in Heaps - they kept us warm at all times! Heaps was incredible: a lot of swimming and great fun. We had an awesome time canyoneering and hanging out in Zion. Unfortunately, my vacation is over and I am back at Stanford. I hope it will not be too long before I return to Zion. Thanks again for everything and thumbs up to Zion Adventures.

    All the best,

    Cuauh Garcia
    Palo Alto, CA
  • Randy K.

    July 5, 2011

    Decided last week to make the 4th of July weekend an adventure, so loaded up the car and drove from San Diego to Zion to hike the narrows. I've rented tubes here years ago so i thought Id try the crazy water shoes for the Narrows. Reserved 2 pairs on Friday for a Saturday trip. Staff was friendly and very accommodating. They answered our questions and provided a great deal of knowledge on the hike. Another plus is even though the parking in zion was full, the shuttle stop is just across the street! Next time in Zion, I will go back!

    Randy K.
    San Diego, CA, via Yelp!
  • Anne Nguyen Perch

    June 19, 2011

    Thanks to Bill, BJ, and Rob for a wonderful family outing last week. You challenged us outside of our comfort zones, taught us about Zion, and created great memories for our 7 children. The Nguyen Clan of Nhuvong Nguyen, Cathy Nguyen Roush, Bubba Roush, Veronica Nguyen Dugan, Christina Nguyen White, and I think YOU GUYS ROCK!

    Anne Nguyen Perch
  • Chunlee Jackson

    May 10, 2011

    Dear Sarah and BJ,

    Thanks so much for an amazing experience. It was truly one of my top life experiences, not only because it was such a fun activity and we were surrounded by beautiful scenery but i think i can speak for the group when i say we really enjoyed your company and leadership. There were definitely lots of LOL moments and great conversations. Thank you for being so keen with the camera. We really appreciate having all those pictures to look back on. You turned a great day into an EPIC experience.

    Chunlee Jackson
  • Matthew Dietz

    May 3, 2011


    Thank you so much. Amanda was amazingly helpful, extremely cheerful, and welcoming to me and my group. We go on a lot of excursions around California, Colorado, Zion, and Yosemite, and have come into contact with a lot of adventure staff, and gear rental members.

    In my personal experience and opinion, Amanda went above and beyond in Guest service to make sure that we all knew what we were doing, were well equipped, and followed up with us when we got back. I work as a teacher at a High School and also at the Disneyland Resort in California so I do a lot of interaction with Guest service and I wanted to send you a quick note to say that Amanda embodies all of the qualities and attributes of a fantastic Guest service member.

    It was a pleasure to be able to do business with the Zion Adventure Company and thanks to our experience with Amanda, we will definitely be coming back time and time again to rent from you!

    Thank you for your time,

    Matthew Dietz
  • Jim, Karin & Kate Monnett

    April 15, 2011

    Dear ZAC,

    Thank you for making our family trip to Zion an experience we will not soon forget. Not being the most adventuresome family, we had no idea what to expect when we booked an afternoon of climbing. Your "Family Rock" outing gave us the perfect opportunity to stretch ourselves as we learned new skills. With Calvin's calm manner and expertise, we soon gained confidence in our abilities. Not only are we already planning a return trip to Zion, hoping to hike the Narrows, and enjoy more climbing (all with the help of your amazing staff), but we've also discovered within ourselves a new eagerness to challenge our self-imposed boundaries, seeking new advenutres at home as well. We will recommend ZAC to all our friends and look forward to trying new ZAC courses during our future trips to the Zion area.

    Thank you,
    Jim, Karin & Kate Monnett
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Adam Bennett & Shelby Hanna

    December 24, 2010

    Zion Adventures,

    Merry Christmas! Last Labor Day, my girlfriend and I hiked down The Narrows. We used you guys to rent hiking sticks, shoes, and socks. We also got a lift to the trailhead on less than a day's notice. We drove to Zion from San Diego with no camping reservations or firm plans. You and your staff made our experience perfect. We're planning another trip and are hoping to bring another couple or two along to share the amazing experience.

    Thank you very much for being so helpful and friendly, without a doubt you made our trip. See you soon!

    Happy Holidays,
    Adam Bennett & Shelby Hanna
  • Bob Ryder

    December 20, 2010

    Hi ZAC Staff -

    Just a quick note before the year ends to say thank you so much for a fantastic experience in early November. Several of you helped outfit and shuttle me for a top down overnight hike through the narrows. It was one of the most interesting, challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. I literally had the canyon all to myself for a day and a half, and was thoroughly prepared and confident thanks to you.

    You also helped my wife Susan purchase some new layers for a colder than expected bit of weather while we were camping in South Campground. She says thanks, as well.

    If you'll reply with an email address to which I can attach a few photos of the narrows, I'm glad to share them. You're more than welcome to use them for any promotions or brochures for which you think they might be helpful. There's one of me getting off the river at the Temple of Sinewava featuring your gear I'd like to send at least as a thank you.

    Meanwhile, thanks again and best wishes for a happy holiday season. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future.


    Bob Ryder
    Normal, IL
  • Amy Yang

    November 9, 2010

    Dear ZAC staff,

    Thank you for all your help. My 2 friends and I hiked the Zion Narrows yesterday and the Dry Pants package kept us warm and dry. We are convinced that we would have been miserable without it. Every employee I e-mailed and spoke to was very helpful and friendly. My friend was impressed that when we returned our gear, the lady asked us how we enjoyed our trip. You really care and it shows. I will definitely recommend you to any friends visiting the Zion area.

    Amy Yang
    Covina, CA
  • The Venutis

    October 27, 2010

    Dear Zion Adventure Company,

    I wanted to express my sincere thanks for a most memorable experience this summer. I booked a full day canyoneering trip for my family in July. We set out with Steve and Hank on what turned out to be our best family adventure. Before we headed out, they made sure we had everything we might need from shoes to camera cases. We were challenged physically and mentally, all the while having so much fun. The following day we hiked the Narrows and thank God your staff recommended we rent the water shoes and sticks. Without them, we could not have enjoyed this beautiful hike. I must say I was a bit uncertain as to how this trip would go over with my husband, two daughters (16 and 13), and son (14). I can't put into words how every one of us enjoyed this trip. My children talk about it all the time and say they can't wait to go back. I highly recommend Zion Advenure Company and hope to return soon. Thank you again for your important part in our most memorable family trip! And special thanks to Steve and Hank!

    Eileen, Joe, Mary Kate, Erik, and Nicole Venuti
    West Chester, PA