Summer Tube Rental Staff

For 2014, we expect to hire 3 staff for this position.

The Summer Tube Rental Staff are an essential part of our summer team. As the primary tubing outfitters in Springdale, our tubing team helps visitors make informed decisions about floating the 2-hour run down the Virgin River, educating and empowering them in preparation for safe and fun tubing experiences. Spending most of their time outdoors, tubing staff must love being on their feet as they orient tubers, drive the tubing shuttle, and organize, clean, and distribute up to 150 tubes each day.


• Facilitating meaningful, helpful, intelligent, and pleasant conversations with customers

• Outfitting customers with their Tubing needs

• Giving customers pre-launch logistics and safety briefings

• Making pick-up runs with a van and trailer to return customers and tubes to our store at the conclusion of their tubing event

• Solving problems with grace and efficiency

• Running the cash register

• Managing Tubing Reservations

• Cleaning and repairing Tubing equipment

• Managing inventory

• Answering customer phone calls

• Offering expertise on local recreation opportunities and logistics

• Building a knowledge base of the roads, hikes, canyons, and hidden secrets of Zion National Park and the surrounding area on personal time

We hire intelligent people who can solve problems quickly. We look for genuinely positive, friendly people who represent themselves and our business well, and treat our customers with great care and attention. If you are outgoing, a fast-learner, and willing to work hard for a team with a lofty goal in mind, we want to meet you. We can teach you many skills, but you must come to us with excitement for learning, and a desire to help others. 

This position requires a high level of responsibility and accountability. We strive to ensure all interactions with our customers are positive, fulfilling, and inspiring. We operate in a professional manner and we expect those working in our shop to do the same.

We train people for this position. The amount you learn in training will likely be doubled with what you learn in your first week on the job working with customers. Tubing staff continue to improve as they analyze their interactions with guests and try new things to improve. This is a fast-paced business. Those who can demonstrate the ability to work well independently, under pressure, communicate well, and manage details will succeed in this position.


• Desire to help others be safe and have fun.  

• Willingness to work with international clientele 

• Interest in resolving challenges and achieving positive results with dissatisfied customers

• Ability to work May 19 through September 3 preferred

• At least 22 years of age (vehicle insurance regulation)

• Comfortable with computers as productivity tools. ZAC works with Macintosh computers; some familiarity with Macintosh is helpful.

• Full- and Part-time positions available 16 hours per week and up


• Training begins at $10.00 per hour staff may be eligible for performance-based raises. 

Desired Knowledge and Skills

• A willingness to learn and teach

• Strong spoken communication skills

• An outstanding work ethic

• An ability to work well in a team-oriented environment

• A commitment to serving others

• Attention to detail

• An engaging personality: outgoing, gregarious

• Responsible and mature

• Able to maintain a positive attitude

• Enjoys creating order in chaotic environments

• Able to work and stay on task with minimal supervision

• Can apply problem-solving skills


• An astounding clientele, from all ages, places, and walks of life

• Opportunity to work outside

• Live within the towering walls of Zion National Park

• Pro-purchase opportunities from many outdoor equipment manufacturers

• Work with an incredible team connected individuals dedicated to a high quality of life for themselves and our guests. We want the same for you. Unlike cubicle neighbors, we get to know each other. Our staff want each other to be great, to pursue excellence in all we do, to support each other, be supported and deliver a high level of performance every day.

• Free tuition for ZAC guided trips and courses in canyoneering, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and road biking

• Free use of company rental gear for personal recreation days


Application Deadline: February 15 for positions starting May 19th