Job Descriptions

More than thirty staff members fill myriad roles at Zion Adventure Company, ranging from washing gear to guiding trips to running payroll to fixing the sprinkler system. While many of us perform a variety of jobs here, when hiring we boil things down to a handful of essential positions. To learn more about our career opportunities, please browse the below job descriptions.

  • We seek gregarious, entertaining, and intellectual lovers of history and geology who are ALSO technically savvy 4 x 4 vehicle drivers. This combination of diverse skills stems from your role navigating our 1974 completely manual Unimog 404s through the mesas and drainages of the southwest Zion Plateau, offering interpretation on flora, fauna, human, history, and geology along the way.

    Interested in applying for an Overland 4x4 Tour Driver position? See the full position description or apply online now.

  • Many dream of working in the outdoor industry, but few find opportunities for real-world training like this one. Assistant guiding at ZAC is demanding, rewarding, and extremely educative. ZAC Assissant Guides spend their season under the tutelage of our corps of Lead Guides, learning to manage risk, maintain equipment, teach technical skills, and facilitate amazing field experiences with our clients. At season's end, many Assistant Guides feel ready to lead trips on their own and stay on staff to lead trips the following season.


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  • Southwest Utah is a North American mecca of canyoneering and rock climbing, and ZAC instructors introduce these high-angle sports to aspiring adventurers from all over the world. However, introducing new sports and terrain to clients is a minor part of any given guided event. Relationship building is the primary responsibility of a ZAC guide, and we focus on helping our clients develop strong relationships with:

    • their environment
    • our curriculum


    • objective and subjective risk
    • Zion Adventure Company’s mission

    The first and most important quality we look for in a guide staff is a highly-developed sense of selfworth (self-esteem), embodied in a gregarious, loving, humble personality. Teaching ability is the second-most important quality in a ZAC instructor. We seek not canyoneers, climbers, or bikers with long and impressive resumes, but rather impassioned teachers who love exploring the natural and human experiences of desert canyons.

    A Zion Adventure Company guide teaches in a way that helps clients:

    • See themselve as humans interacting with fears, hopes, and passions
    • Learn how to solve problems as an authenticated explorer
    • Understand the value and poignancy of learning through experience
    • Take greater responsibility for self and the outcome of any given moment
    • See themselves as a defining character in their unfolding life story

    Interested in applying for a Lead Guide position? See the full position description or apply online now.
  • The Outfitting Staff of Zion Adventure Company forms the backbone of our business operations. Hundreds of hikers, climbers, canyoneers, and general Park visitors stop by each day seeking assistance in making the most of their time in Zion. It is our job, as an information source, to help them leave with an empowering sense of direction.

    Our Outfitters are experts at helping visitors find the right equipment and information to feel comfortable and knowledgeable in their adventures. Whether preparing visitors to hike the Zion Narrows, informing intrigued questioners about our guided trips, or maintaining the vast amounts of equipment we send out each day, Outfitters perform the crucial tasks that help people make their Zion dreams come true.

    Interested in applying for an Outfitter position? See the full position description or apply online now.

  • We deliver clients to all reaches of Zion National Park for climbing, hiking, canyoneering, and sightseeing. We shuttle with Mercedes Sprinter Vans, offering optimal comfort and visibility for clients, and enabling you to have the best truck made for passenger transport on and off-road.

    Much of the driving we do is on bumpy dirt roads. Though our passenger vans are not 4-wheel drive, they handle 95% of transport requirements flawlessly, and we maintain a fleet of 4x4 Toyota Land Cruisers for transport during adverse weather conditions.

    Shuttle drivers need to be patient, courteous, and conversational. We seek individuals who are both able navigators of Zions roads and trailheads AND active recreationalists who can provide specific, accurate trailhead information for all hiking, climbing, and canyoneering routes in Zion. Shuttle drivers also receive outfitter training so they can handle reservations, refunds, and administrative sale duties.


    Interested in applying for a Trailhead Shuttle Driver position? See the full position description or apply online now.

  • The Tubing Staff are an essential part of our summer team. As the primary tubing outfitters in Springdale, our tubing team helps visitors make informed decisions about floating the 2-hour run down the Virgin River, educating and empowering them in preparation for safe and fun tubing experiences. Spending most of their time outdoors, tubing staff must love being active as they orient tubers, drive the tubing shuttle, and organize, clean, and distribute up to 150 tubes each day.

    Interested in applying for a Summer Tubing Staff position? See the full position description or apply online now.