Springdale, Utah is a small town populated by about six hundred people. Utah State Route 9 is thetown’s main street, which has yet to see its first stoplight. Residents employ many methods of travel, including foot, bicycle, longboard, and car. Less than 20% of the Springdale population grew up in Springdale.

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Prospective staff often ask us: “What is it like to work at Zion Adventure Company?”

Our mission is to help each other (visitors and staff alike) learn, grow, explore, relate and reconnect. When you live that everyday, it is:

  • Great
  • Dynamic
  • Fun
  • Humorous
  • Exciting
  • Challenging
  • Insightful
  • Celebratory

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We prefer in-person interviews. When in-person interviews are not possible, we work with candidates to arrange interviews over Skype (with video), or the telephone.

The interview helps candidates and Zion Adventure Company know each other better. Our interview questions touch on any or all of the following areas:

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We take application review seriously. Like many organizations, we consider your application a direct reflection of your abilities to take initiative, comprehend and execute a complex task, and attend to detail. The best applications receive inquires and interviews from our HR Team. Poorly submitted applications are discarded.  Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your ZAC application, so that we can study and understand your materials easily and determine whether a good fit with our organization is possible:

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