Zion Canyon Shuttle Resumes Operation April 1st

Back in action this Friday!

Choo! Choo! The Zion Canyon Shuttle does not make that noise, but it’s fun to pretend. The shuttle system is back in action this weekend, just in time for April Fool’s Day. Think of all the fun jokes you can play on someone involving the shuttle! Best not to play any jokes on the shuttle drivers, though… Not only are those cats nice and helpful, they put up with enough crazy stuff every day without you pulling your¬†shenanigans on them.

The Zion Shuttle system has a Park Loop and a Springdale Loop, which operate concurrently, but separately. The Springdale Loop cycles through Springdale from end to end, helping folks reach various destinations in town, including the Park entry gate. From there, visitors can enter the Park and hop the Park Loop, which delivers riders to various destinations in Zion Canyon. If you’ve never ridden on the Shuttle, you’ve surely missed some good “wild” turkey sightings, good conversations with foreign strangers, and pondering about what exactly they do to folks who DO stick their hands out the windows.

Read more about the Zion shuttle system, or check out the Springdale shuttle stop map, below, to plan your shuttle trip. Adventure awaits.


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