Video: Winter Hiking in The Narrows, Zion National Park

Long-time ZAC client Jerry King visited us again in January and, as usual, he brought his A/V equipment along. Jerry always makes some sort of video of his Zion escapades, and this time his video focuses on the world-famous Zion Narrows hike.

Hiking The Narrows is unique no matter what time of year you do it – how many hikes force you to walk IN a river? – but exploring The Narrows in the winter is even more special. First, you must use a drysuit to stay warm enough (you can see Jerry and his companion in the big zippered suits in the vid). While it may seem uncomfortable to hike in a big waterproof glove, it is worth the trouble when you get to ENJOY wading through 40-degree water all day. Second, since hiking in a 40-degree river DOES sound a little nuts, you usually get the whole place to yourself. The peace and grandeur of The Narrows is incredible particularly striking when it is just you and the canyon… it really feels like another world.

Thanks to Jerry for sharing his video with us. If you have hiked The Narrows during winter and have any tips, reflections, or advice, we’d love to hear them here.


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