Sunshine Peeks Through Today In Zion

Skies clear in Zion after a week of rain

Skies clear over Zion Canyon after a week of rain

After another morning of rain, the sun finally made an appearance this afternoon, the first time we have seen the sun since last Friday. The Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun” ran through my mind when the blue sky and yellow light first came into my view. With the road open, I decided to escape Springdale. I headed “down the hill,” as the locals say, to St. George for a visit to the Pizza Factory and a movie.

The drive was pretty interesting, as State Route 9 runs parallel to the Virgin River en route to St. George and there were many changes to observe along the way. Mosquito Cove BLM Campground is covered in sticks and flood sand. Pools of standing water are still there. The flood was not kind to a few parts of the Virgin River Resort RV Park Campground. Devastated by the great North Creek Flood of 2007, it was painful for me to see that though they remain open, they were hit again by high waters.

I took my dog, Myles, to the Springdale River Park late this afternoon for a walk. The log and tree debris was quite impressive. A large cottonwood had toppled over, flotsam scattered 50 – 90 feet inland from the river bank, and one of the footbridges had been unbolted at one end, and moved 2 feet downriver.

I am looking forward to the change of more sunshine tomorrow, and thankful the flood and damage weren’t worse here in Springdale.


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Dave Buckingham guides, outfits, and waxes poetic on all things canyoneering at Zion Adventure Company. When Dave isn’t exploring desert canyons or waterskiing on Lake Powell, you might find him fixing his boat, walking his dog, or tooting his own horn (it’s a trumpet) here in Springdale.
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