Spring Snowstorms Keep Things Exciting in Balmy Springdale

Snow-dusted Eagle Crags at sunrise, south of Springdale. Photo: Dave Buckingham

Snow fell on Friday and Saturday in Springdale… actually, it felt more like Winderdale. Though little snow accumulated on the ground in town, conditions through much of Zion have been affected by the snow. On Saturday morning, ten inches of snow were reported at the Left Fork trailhead for the Subway on Kolob Terrace Road.

Zion Spring visitors are occasionally surprised to find snow and ice on trails. This surprise is understandable, given that most visitors don’t encounter Winter Conditions on the roadways, or see much snow as they enter Zion. The steep vertical walls of the National Park keep temperatures cool and trails shaded, however, causing them to hold snow and ice longer than the wider, sunnier areas guests travel though as they approach Zion. Those headed to many hikes in Zion Canyon such as Angel’s Landing and Observation Point will find traction devices which slip-on over your shoes useful for the next day or so as things will slowly begin to melt Sunday.

For current weather conditions, always feel free to stop into our shop or the Zion Visitor’s Center.



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Dave Buckingham guides, outfits, and waxes poetic on all things canyoneering at Zion Adventure Company. When Dave isn’t exploring desert canyons or waterskiing on Lake Powell, you might find him fixing his boat, walking his dog, or tooting his own horn (it’s a trumpet) here in Springdale.
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