Spring Flowers Beginning to Bloom in Zion

Zion Milkvetch in bloom. Photo: Tom Jones

Went up Angels Landing twice this last week, so I thought I’d report on how spring is coming along in Zion Canyon.

From a bloom point of view, things are getting ready to start. A few plants are currently flowering, but not too many. On the lower switchbacks, I saw a few flowers including:

• Zion Milkvetch (purple pea-type flowers, low to the ground, most prominent flower at the moment)

• Western Wallflower (cluster of yellow, four-petaled flowers, mostly isolated individuals, some in clumps, second-most prominent at the moment)

• Slickrock Paintbrush (red paintbrush, close to the ground. A few here and there)

• Yellow sweet clover (I think. Spreading leaves, small yellow flowers pea-like)

Driving, on the side of the road near the Museum, there was:

• Cliffrose (flowering bush, LOTs of white blooms. Very strong “rose” smell).

Then it snowed on Sunday evening, so…



About Tom

Tom Jones is an inventor, author, entrepreneur, gear tester, photographer, and, first and foremost, a canyoneer, living in the hamlet of Mt. Carmel, Utah, on the east side of Zion National Park. Tom is also a valued member of the ZAC Guide Corps, weaving in numerous training and guiding days amongst his myriad adventures and responsibilities.
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