Prepare Yourself for Spring Break Bustle in Zion

Anna gives a Narrows Orientation before setting everyone up with equipment

Anna gives a Narrows Orientation before setting everyone up with equipment

Easter Break is ALWAYS an exciting time at Zion Adventure Company, as Training Season transitions to Busy Season and the quiet season official ends. It always feel a little crazy, but it’s also a lot of fun. We love it when Easter falls a little later (anytime in April, really), as it gives us an extra week or two to get new staff up to speed before they jump into the fire.

If YOU are visiting this week or next, you can help us make your ZAC visit really smooth by doing a few easy things:

1. Set your watch! If you are coming from Las Vegas or Arizona, Zion (and Utah) is one hour ahead of those time zones. Many visitors are disappointed when they arrive “on time,” only to discover they are actually one hour late. Oops!

2. Note our hours. We are open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM. Sometime folks see people walking in and out before 8 AM: these are guided trip clients, who we try to depart with before things get busy at 8 AM. If you arrive before we open, please wait outside patiently while we get the store in order. Thanks for your help!

3. If you know you want to rent gear, make a reservation ahead of time by phone or email. When you reserve gear ahead of time, we make sure it is ready and available for you when you get here, and you are able to get in and out much more efficiently.

4. Browse our website and this blog for more information. We have a LOT of information on the Zion Narrows, our guided trips, and hiking in Zion National Park free for you to browse before you get here.

5. Check ahead to see whether The Narrows is open. See the below article for details.


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