Pa’ Rus Trail: Zion’s Most Accessible & Underrated Hike

As I jogged along the Pa’rus Trail this week I thought to myself, “Wow, Pa’rus sure isn’t like Angel’s Landing or Observation Point, but I really like this trail.” Here are my favorite things about the under-rated and under-appreciated Pa’rus Trail:

1. At 3.5 miles round-trip, it is the perfect running distance for anyone who wants to get a quick jog in before they start the day, or maybe just before dinner.

2. Minimal elevation change on this trail (50ft) means that walking, running, or biking here will not need maximal physical exertion, unlike many of Zion’s steep, craggy trails. In fact, the Pa’rus is a great place for a causal sunset or moonlit stroll with a loved one, where conversation is more important than accomplishment.

3. This is the only trail in the park that is puppy and bicycle friendly, so if your little furry friend is getting tired of being cooped up at your campsite, help him get some energy out by walking him on the Pa’rus.

4. The wide paved trail allows for many people to share the trail all at once without any bottle-necking like you might find on top of Angel’s Landing. Great for families who want to walk two or three-abreast, or folks who want to stop along the trail to look at birds or flowers for a while.

5. The Pa’ Rus Trail is easily accessible from the Park’s Visitors Center and via the South Campground. When we’re traveling with family and friends, it can really help to steal away for an hour for some personal time, and the length and proximity of the Pa’ Rus is just right.

6. Beautiful water, graceful bridges, and soaring cliff scenery provides perfect photo opportunities for the budding or seasoned photographer, with no jockeying for position or crowds to get in your way.

7. There are many access points for taking a dip in the Virgin River, which makes this a great place to cool off in the middle of a scorching summer day.

8. Kids and adults alike will be interested in the many trail-side exhibits which offer insightful facts on the surrounding area.

So, go lace up your walking/running shoes or grab your bike, bring the puppy, your swimsuit, sunscreen and water, and head to the Pa’rus Trail. It may not be glamorous or famous, but Pa’ Rus provides a great every-day walk that has something for everybody and is every bit as beautiful as the hikes that make you huff and puff.


About Laura

Laura has been a guide and outfitter with Zion Adventure Company since the spring of 2012. She is a lover of adventure, learning, and black coffee. When Laura is not interacting with Zion visitors you may find her running through Zion, playing at the swimming hole, or hanging out at the local coffee shop.
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