Narrows Hike Featured in Utah Valley’s Daily Herald

Photo: Ryan Hellstern

We have helped SO MANY people hike The Narrows on SO MANY days, and yet our visitors’ first impressions of The Narrows still delight us. Seems like anybody who hikes The Narrows for their first time is blown away by its majesty. Just to prove it, here’s another great example from the Daily Herald…

Zion’s Narrows hike offers thrills, inspiration
September 23, 2011
By Ron Hellstern, for The Herald Journal 

Seventeen miles, and three potential swims. If those two descriptors aren’t deterrents, great scenery awaits those who hike the Zion Narrows from the top down into the main canyon. If you run marathons, bike the LOTOJA, or simply marvel at nature’s artistic masterpieces, there is nothing intimidating about this adventure. However, if you are a professional arm-chair quarterback, you had better get some miles under your feet before attempting this adventure, especially if you want to complete it in one day.

I’ve been to Zion at least a hundred times, but nearly always been hobbled a bit with students, or little ones. But after seeing the inspirational film “The Bucket List,” I decided it was time to do this classic hike. Along with good luck, and good sense, the key to success lies in the preparation.

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