Mild Winter Conditions Make for Good Summit Scrambles

Tabernacle Dome, a fine Cave Valley summit scramble. Photo: Sawtooth Sean

Sawtooth Sean posted a fun trip report on Summitpost, detailing his recent Zion peakbagging exploits. After an Angels Landing warm-up upon arrival, they scrambled the West Temple on a short January day, showing short winter days are plenty long enough for a small, efficient team to get up there and back in a reasonable day. When the team was denied an Aries Butte climb the following day (they couldn’t find the route, a common occurrence), they ventured out to Tabernacle Dome to gain some gorgeous views up in Cave Valley.

Note on Kinesava/West Temple climbs: Those who wish to avoid terse notes (or worse) from the sheriff should consider parking at the Chinle Trail parking lot, as mentioned in this trip report by H.W. Stockman from April 2011.


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