Landslide Closes Hidden Canyon Trail

Hidden Canyon Trail rock slide

Hidden Canyon Trail, covered in rubble. NPS photo.

A teenager recently asked me, “Do big rocks fall ever fall down here?” Looking around most anyplace in Zion, and you can see that MANY big rocks have fallen from the canyon walls over time. Because we seldom see rockfall, however, it’s easy to forget where all the boulders on the ground came from. When the Hidden Canyon slide happened last week, it was a great reminder that geology happens all the time… even on actively used trails, in the middle of the day. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Thanks to Zion’s rangers for helping the stranded hikers out, and for the inevitable work that will need to be done to restore the Hidden Canyon Trail. Until then… it’s a good thing there are lots of other 5-star trail to hike around here. Here’s the news release from the Park Service:

Zion National Park Superintendent Jock Whitworth announced today that the Hidden Canyon Trail is currently closed due to a rockslide that occurred on Wednesday evening, July 25 at 5:30 p.m. The rockslide covered a narrow section of the trail with debris trapping 11 park visitors behind it for approximately three hours. Once the debris movement settled down, park rangers set up a rope line and provided the stranded visitors with helmets and helped them out of the canyon. There were no injuries due to the rockslide or rescue efforts.

The rockslide was active again overnight, depositing nearly six feet of debris on a narrow and steep section of the trail, which made it impassable, prompting the closure of the trail. Work to remove the debris will begin early next week assuming the area has completely stabilized. The Hidden Canyon Trail will remain closed until further notice.


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