ZAC Memories from The Lexington School!

Energetic and enthusiastic TLS students at Lambs Knoll

Few clients have been with us as long as The Lexington School, who celebrated fourteen years in a row with us in May. Long-time TLS leader, Frank Hardesty, is one of our very favorite school administrators, and blessed us with fantastic opportunities, even when we were small, broke, and without much experience. Thanks to Frank for believing in us, and for bringing so many great Lexington kids to Zion year after year!


Lots of special memories with you guys and The Lexington School over the years. If it is fifteen years in business, TLS must have been in on the fledging of the company. Been a long time… and a good time. You guys have been great and have inspired me… and many of our eighth graders. Thanks for safety, for inspiration, and for creativity.

I would love to be at Springdale for your celebration. However, I am invited to raft Green River (Lodore Canyon) with my son and grandson and others the last of September, and twice to Utah in such a short time is a stretch for my retirement budget. I know you will enjoy a big party. Give Catrin and Massi big hugs.

I am officially retired now from school and have given the TLS reins to Chris Johnson, who is far superior to anything I ever was. I know he will continue the TLS – ZAC traditions.

Best to you all.

Frank Hardesty


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