Explore North Wash with Tom Jones, March 25th – 27th

Preparing to descend Hog Two in North Wash

The crew gathered for a “Hog Two” descent in North Wash

We had so much fun during our 2nd Annual North Wash Canyoneering Camp in November, we decided to offer another trip this Spring. ZAC guide and canyoneering pioneer, Tom Jones, will again lead the charge into the tight, twisted, gorgeous slots with a team of enthusiastic clients . Will you be one of them? Go ahead and sleep on it, then call tomorrow to join us March 25 – 27 for another great North Wash Canyoneering Camp. You get three days of canyoneering, meals, and camping for the incredible price of $695!

What’s that you say? You want three good reasons you should travel to the middle-of-nowhere Utah for a “canyoneering” trip? I’m so glad you asked…

Tom Jones instructing the team

Tom Jones instructs the team on rappelling skills

1. North Wash is the ultimate canyoneers’ playground. With names like Monkey Business, Lucky Charms, Black Hole, and Leprechaun, the canyons here beckon any outdoor enthusiast with even a morsel of curiosity. There’s something for everybody here, from easy, meandering canyon hikes, to beginner-level stemming and squeezing, to X-rated stemming 60 feet off the ground. Since this area has something for every level of ability, it’s easy to find appropriate canyons for any group here, canyons that keep you intrigued, challenged, and smiling all weekend long.

2. Your guide will be none other than Tom Jones, canyon author and explorer extraordinaire. Through his canyoneering guidebookcanyoneering information website, and canyoneering gear company, and his personal and professional guiding work, Tom has arguably helped more canyoneers get their start than anyone else in the United States. Tom lives and breathes canoyoneering, Grab your chance to meet Tom AND siphon as much canyoneering knowledge from his brain as possible, in person, on this great weekend.

3. North Wash is a gorgeous, empty, wild, and silent place. Most of us spend most of our time amidst bustle and noise all day. Give yourself the gift of space, time, and quiet by visiting south-central Utah, where you’ll find almost no other people. It’s amazing what three days of purity can do to clear your mind and inspire your soul.

Kara begins a 30-foot downclimb

Kara begins a sweet 30-foot downclimb

4. BONUS REASON! ZAC clients are the best in the world! We can’t prove it, but we are pretty certain nobody has better trip participants than we do. Perhaps the best part about a North Wash trip is you’ll meet some fun, interesting, wonderful people who love being active in the outdoors as much as you do.

Still not convinced? Here are a couple endorsements from past North Wash clients:

“This trip helped me discover abilities I didn’t know I had. I realized that I am capable of overcoming real and perceived obstacles that I would not have had the courage to challenge on my own.  The sense of accomplishment at the end of this trip was incredible. ”
- Dean Brooks

“I came as a rookie and went home with the skills to truly be a canyoneer. Already looking to buy my own equipment, and will see you again with a few friends who will definitely want to try this.” – Victor Groves

Scrutinize all the details on the North Wash Canyoneering page of our website, then contact us to sign up. We limit each North Wash session to 12 clients, and sign-up is first-come, first-served, so make a decision soon and put North Wash on your calendar!


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