Radical Reels Adventure Films In Springdale Monday!

Banff Mountain Film Festival’s “Radical Reels” Adventure Film Tour
8 PM, Monday, October 3rd
Tanner Amphitheater, 36 Lion Blvd.
Springdale, Utah 

For the SECOND year in a row, Zion Adventure Company hosts the Radical Reels adventure film tour, a two-hour collection of the very best short adventure films from 2010. Radical Reels is an outreach of the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, the preeminent film festival for adventure-goers and outdoor-lovers, held annually in Banff, British Columbia. Just think about how expensive it would be to go to Banff… and then think about how easy and inexpensive it is to come to Springdale. The choice is obvious!

Because we are tiny little Springdale, we don’t get a prime-time weekend position for the festival… but that doesn’t mean Zion isn’t the BEST place to kick back and enjoy first-class, adrenaline pumping, incredibly inspiring films. Join us this Monday evening (October 3rd) at 8 PM for two hours of biking, riding, skiing, climbing, skateboarding, and paddling with some of the most aggressive and creative minds in the outdoor world. Curious about the specific films that we’ll be seeing? Look here!

Bring a sleeping bag! Bring a friend! Bring an enemy! I’m not sure if it’s against the rules, but you can probably bring your dog too. Whatever you bring, make sure you bring your SELF to the Tanner Amphitheater on Monday night.

Tickets are only $5 AND include a 20% discount at Whiptail Grill or Flying Monkey for lunch or dinner on Monday. Sweet deal! So buy your tickets early, grab a fantastic meal before the show, and experience the one-of-a-kind films of Radical Reels. We’ll open the doors at 7:30 PM, so feel free to come up and grab a seat any time afterward. Parking can be tight near the Amphitheater, so be prepared to walk a little ways to the top of the hill!

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