Oh Henry’s

What I really like about National Parks (and ZAC, the company I work for, for that matter), is that they make the concept of “adventure” very accessible, regardless of what people’s level of adventure is. That to say, what really inspired our staff outing to the Henry Mountains was how very inaccessible those mountains are. Bordered on the West by Capitol Reef’s Waterpocket Fold and on the East by Utah Highway 95, they’re far enough beyond the middle of nowhere that it really is no wonder that they were the last explored and geographically mapped mountain range in the lower 48. In fact, to get there, we first had to drive many hours from anywhere to the middle of nowhere, make a right, and drive far enough that where we had previously thought was nowhere began to really feel like it was… somewhere. And then we kept driving. Mostly up.

Hang a right towards that ‘road’ down there, keep driving through the canyons and up and down the mesas until you get to those mountains in the distance. Then keep driving.

Henry Pic 00…But not before a stop at Hell’s Backbone Grill for breakfast and coffee. If we were going to leave civilization behind, we thought it best to be civil about it.

Henry Pic 01Now obviously the right crew was imperative. Naturally, I picked a motley one of sorts (plus Claudia). Left to right, B.J., Gerard, Brian, and Claudia.

Henry Pic 02And for the rugged terrain, a tracked vehicle (like a tank or snowcat) would likely have been the most appropriate choice, but “JOURNEY” (the most tank-like of the fleet) came in as a close second. We knew that if conditions got really serious, we were at least equipped with JOURNEY’s plethora of self-rescue equipment plus Claudia’s very serious stare.

Henry Pic 03The first part of our mission was to check out a ‘mythical’ yet supposedly amazing climbing area. Mythical in that rumors of it and much hype about it exist, but when confronted, nobody (at least on the internet) had any actual information. Well, we found it, and I don’t mean to perpetuate the secrecy (except that I sort of do), but what I’ll at least say is that the rumors are indeed ones of much credibility. Turns out that it’s less hidden, more just hard to get to. To prove its existence, behold one of the only known [internet] photographs of the legend. Happy hunting.

Henry Pic 04

I’d heard the Henry’s were pretty, but sometimes it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised.

Henry Pic 05

Ultimately, every once in a while, it’s nice to trade the desert for some mountains…

Henry Pic 06

and go for a hike…

Henry Pic 07…and just get to hangout with your very upstanding friends/co-workers.

Henry Pic 08

…Ultimately, it was great to get into the Henry’s. But as important as the destination may have seemed, we couldn’t have gotten there without [the] JOURNEY.




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