Video: Hip RV Roamers Spotlight Springdale

Nikki and Jason Wynn were recently in Springdale with their eco-RV (is that a contradiction in terms?) and made a nice little spotlight on our fair town. The video has been making the local email/Facebook rounds… seems like most of the locals are very pleased with the Wynns’ work. If you haven’t been to Springdale before, the Springdale episode of “Gone with the Wynns” will give you a glimpse of our slice of paradise… and perhaps your next adventure destination?

So this eco-RV… It apparently gets up to 17 mpg (about the same as my Toyota Tacoma) and pulls 1/5 the battery juice of an average RV. Does that make it “green”? I don’t know, but it seems a lot better than the average 6 mph RV rolling through Springdale. Are RVs the next big thing for Gen X? Seems like a lot of folks my age are into the old Airstreams and DYI teardrop trailers, so maybe the 20-to-40 crowd is just waiting for some cool RVs to come along. But something tells me that size is a major factor, and a 31-foot vehicle might not be the answer to a true adventurer’s travel dreams.

If you’re curious about the supposed world of “eco Rv-ing,” check out the Wynns’ $203,000 Monaco RV. I can see why they had to sell everything they owned to get a hold of the ride!


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