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Gray Fox Kits Emerge From Their Dens in Zion Canyon

Noticed this photo update on the ZNP Flickr page. The little foxes are getting big and bold enough to get out of the den and into adventures outside. Not sure where this is… but it’s somewhere in Zion Canyon. Let us know if you see one in the Park!

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Look for Bighorn Sheep on State Route 9 in Zion

ZAC guide and canyoneer extraordinaire Tom Jones “shot” this herd of Desert Bighorn sheep on his way home recently, after yet another adventure off the beaten path. Tom’s picture illustrates 1) how easy and common it is to see bighorns along State Route 9 on Zion’s East Side, and 2) how lucky the locals are here to live in such close proximity to beautiful wildlife. Thanks to Tom for posting these bighorned beasts.

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