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Announcing our 15th Anniversary Photo/Video Contest

In a love letter my wife many years ago, she wrote, “Nature constantly sends us messages, and if we listen to nature, we can better listen to ourselves.” The meaning is as poignant today as it was then: nature is us and we are nature. Every time we try to control Nature, we are only controlling ourselves; every time we separate ourselves from Nature, we step further away from the wildness inside us. This year at ZAC, we celebrate 15 years trying to live in harmony with Nature, evolving and honing our products and programs to better align with nature’s message. Our new slogan, “Let Nature Be Your Guide,” is a perennial reminder that we can always look to Nature for answers to our most important questions. One of the ways we are celebrating are 15th Anniversary is a Photo and Video Contest for everyone and anyone to participate in. If you have visited Zion or Southern Utah and have captured images or documented stories you feel speak to the theme, “Let Nature Be Your Guide,” please join the contest and share your work with our community. The contest is free to enter, and you can find complete rules and … Continue reading

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Dramatic, Moody Images of Zion’s Wet Spring

Photographer Ara Arlani posted some great Zion Canyon images from her recent May visit. In her images, Arlani illustrates exactly what we encourage Zion’s visitors to do during rare periods of “bad” weather: get out there and see the beauty that water and snow can create in Zion. Thanks to Ara for adapting to the conditions she found here and making some wonderful images that captures Zion’s stormier side.

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Zion From the Sky

Mielke Photography recently posted this aerial image, taken from a commercial airliner passing above Zion. It took me a few moments to get oriented, but I soon figured out “where I was”. What I love about this image is the dramatic depiction of just how large Zion’s canyons are, how deeply they cleave into the rock. Those dark, black lines (like Gifford Canyon) look like someone cut straight into a block of wood with a table saw, leaving an extremely thin, straight passage. And yet, when walking in Gifford, it doesn’t feel dark and skinny, but rather intimate, friendly, and tons of fun. Similarly, it’s striking to see how thin The Watchman looks here, while knowing how hulking it seems from the bridge at Canyon Junction. Thanks to Chris Mielke for posting the great photo.

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