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Nick’s Photo Contest Favorites

I am neither judge nor jury for our 15th Anniversary Photo Contest, so I want to participate in the fun by highlighting my favorite submissions from our contest. We received a great pool of image submissions, with a wide range of subjects and approaches to the theme, “Let Nature Be Your Guide.” I chose the below images not based on the theme, but solely based on their composition, emotion, and uniqueness. Buck in Snow, submitted by Becky Jaffe from Oakland, CA I love the simplicity of this image, which has a very painterly quality to it. The lack of context/background leaves so much to the imagination, and the buck’s legs convey a distinct sense of motion. The sharp buck, amidst all the blur and white-out, seems alone, but peaceful, and nice emotional tone for a wintery image. Bravo. Canyon Tripod, submitted by Linda Lu from Berkeley, CA I think most photographer/canyoneers can appreciate this photo, depicting the physical, aerial requirements canyon photography invites. Photographing while stemming is a tricky business, as you must eventually get to a position where you don’t need your hands. Once you get there, the shot you’re after competes for attention with the risk to both body … Continue reading

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