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Zion Wildflowers with Tom Jones

Our very own Tom Jones is a man of many talents and interests, one of which is wildflower identification. Tom’s wildflower ID project had been laying dormant for a while, but it recently sprang to new life with a few “Wildflower Walks” which Tom has been posting on his website, Canyoneering USA. Tom’s been wandering Zion’s various nooks and crannies to see what might be sticking it out despite the extreme hot and dry weather we’ve been having lately. The picture-show walks are completely illustrated, taking you along for the ride as Tom identifies a few flowers, asks for help on a few others, and even does a bit of measuring. Who else takes a ruler with them into the mountain meadows? If you’re into Zion wildflowers, check out the Wildflower Walks… you might even teach Tom a thing or two.

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The Best River Hikes in Zion

“What is the BEST hike in Zion?” Many visitors ask this question when planning a visit to the Zion area. There are many rewarding hikes, but many share one popular theme: the meeting of clear, cool water with the famous red Navajo sandstone. Don’t miss witnessing the story of this amazing journey of water and how it shapes the rocks over time during your visit. The amazing Zion watershed begins far north, at 10,000 feet in Cedar Breaks National Monument. Snow and rain begin their journey down mountain creeks and streams to eventually meet the Virgin River, which carves Zion Canyon. To see various windows into this river’s journey, you can choose from a variety of hikes appropriate for for various ability levels, time allowances, and degrees of preparation. Zion showcases an amazing visual story of the meeting of water and rock, and many of the hikes and activities in the Park showcase the Virgin River and its tributaries throughout the area. I wrote this short hiking guide to showcase the best views of the river and help visitors choose a river hike that suits their goals and hopes for their day. Have fun out there! PA’ RUS TRAIL Time … Continue reading

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