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Zion Lodge: Secluded Front-Country Accommodations

If you’re planning a Zion visit, you need to find a place to stay. One of the many options available is the Zion Lodge, the only non-camping accommodations located inside Zion National Park. The Lodge offers some nice history and character, as well as unequalled access to the most popular Park hikes. The Lodge also features one of the very best hang-out spots in the Park: the shady front lawn beckons tired hikers, complete with an adjacent snack shop for burgers and ice cream. The Lodge complex was originally constructed in 1925 by the Union Pacific Railroad, as part of their grand plan to help Easterners visit the relatively new and very remote National Park System. These original structures were designed by architect, Gilbert Stanley Underwood, the same man who designed the Bryce Canyon Lodge, the Grand Canyon’s North Rim Lodge, and the famous Ahwanee Hotel in Yosemite National Park. The Lodge complex was rebuilt in 1967, after a fire burned most of the site down in 1966. In 1972, the Union Pacific Railroad gifted the entire property to Zion National Park, which has since used concessionaires to manage the property. The Lodge is currently managed by Xanterra Parks & … Continue reading

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Zion: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Today, I received many gifts. Gifts I was not expecting, nor even thinking of asking for. These gifts came from a place I often forget about, a place that gives to me everyday. Today, a very rainy day, I found gifts that brought sunshine into & out of every part of my being. After a morning meeting, I decided to do something I always recommend to visitors on a rainy day, something I always say I’m going to do, but rarely actually do: I jumped in the car and headed into the canyon looking for waterfalls. Since today was the third day of steady rain, I figured my goal would be easily met. Little did I know what awaited me… Driving through the fee gate, the ranger asked we would be hiking today. Planning only on spectating, I assured him we’d be in our car for the duration of our visit. As we headed up the State Route 9, I got my first glimpse of the Virgin River. At 2050 cfs (cubic feet per second)… wow, that’s a lot of water! A giggle of glee escaped as I watched the raging current. As we turned north up the Zion Canyon … Continue reading

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Work Abroad Students Provide Crucial Summer Help

Every summer, thousands of students from all over the world work in United States National Parks under the federally-sponsored “Work & Travel” program, giving them a chance to work and live in a beautiful place, save some money, practice English, and become familiar with American culture and business. Each year, a few hundred of these students, charmed by photographs of red cliffs and slot canyons on the internet, choose to spend their summer in Zion National Park. The students work in various positions at the Zion Lodge, serving up food at the Cafe, maintaining the rooms and cabins of the Lodge, or keeping the grounds clean and functional. At Zion Lodge this summer, you can be helped by future engineers, lawyers, doctors, and businessmen: students from Vietnam, China, Thailand, Philippines, Russia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Kosovo. For many of them, it’s their first trip abroad, the first time working a formal job, or even the first time being away from their families. After a few months of work, many of them decide to spend a few more weeks traveling across United States, visiting places they have only seen in Hollywood movies. They go back to their country with a great experience, … Continue reading

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