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Note to Self: Bungee Cords Do Occassionally Break

Despite being a vertical sports enthusiast, I have never been a fan of bungee jumping. Besides the fact a commercial bungee jump blows your whole emotional and financial wad in a matter of 10 seconds, I just can’t get comfortable with the idea that it’s safe. Using the same equipment, over and over again, amidst so many dynamic forces seems like an accident waiting to happen. But as any bungee professional will tell you, millions of people bungee around the world each year, and rarely does anything go awry. “Bungee cords NEVER break,” a guide told me once. “It’s like a climbing rope. There’s all this hoopla about breaking strengths and fall capacity, but do you ever hear of a rope breaking?” Well, I never have heard of a climbing or rappelling rope breaking, and this argument, along with the omnipresence of bungee facilities in tourist traps around the world, led me to finally bite the bullet and take on a bungee jump a few years ago. I told myself I wasn’t bungeeing for the thrill, but rather for the peace: I wanted to see how calm and still I could be while stepping off a 400-foot precipice. As it turned out, … Continue reading

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