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More Zion Wildflowers from Tom Jones

Back from another shooting spree, Tom’s posted up a number of wildflowers for measurement and identification on his Latest Rave site. If you enjoy serious flower study, you can easily spend 30 minutes here sauntering with Tom, pondering sub-species, stamen lengths, and the wealth of flowers brought on by the big monsoon year. There are a number of flowers Tom needs help identifying; if you can help, drop him a line!

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Zion Wildflowers with Tom Jones

Our very own Tom Jones is a man of many talents and interests, one of which is wildflower identification. Tom’s wildflower ID project had been laying dormant for a while, but it recently sprang to new life with a few “Wildflower Walks” which Tom has been posting on his website, Canyoneering USA. Tom’s been wandering Zion’s various nooks and crannies to see what might be sticking it out despite the extreme hot and dry weather we’ve been having lately. The picture-show walks are completely illustrated, taking you along for the ride as Tom identifies a few flowers, asks for help on a few others, and even does a bit of measuring. Who else takes a ruler with them into the mountain meadows? If you’re into Zion wildflowers, check out the Wildflower Walks… you might even teach Tom a thing or two.

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