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Gear Review: NeoSport X-Span Wetsuit for Canyoneering

Tired of freezing your tush in icy-cold canyon water? Not excited about the precision of movement requried to keep a drysuit safe and sound? If this describes you, then you might be in the market for a canyon wetsuit. I was, then I found the NeoSport X-Span 7mm fleece lined jumpsuit. To my knowledge, nobody currently makes a canyon-specific wetsuit, since the market is so small. So we must turn to the water sports industry for help, which is where I found my latest discovery. The NeoSport X-Span jumpsuit is a one-piece, fleece-lined, back zip wetsuit. By far, my favorite quality is its stretchiness, which allows me to move athletically, with a full range of motion, while providing more than enough insulation during cold canyon swims. The stretchy fabric cooperates very well when canyoneering temporarily adjusts its location on my body. If you’d like to canyoneer, surf, dive, swim, or waterski in a great-feeling, form-fitting wetsuit, check out the Neosport X-Span. They are available as one-piece jumpsuits, shorties, and farmer john/jane on the Neosport website. Dave Buckingham guides, outfits, and waxes poetic on all things canyoneering at Zion Adventure Company. When Dave isn’t exploring desert canyons or waterskiing on Lake … Continue reading

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