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Wayne County Prepares for Flood of Interest in Blue John Canyon

Wyoming Dave spotted this new sign on a signboard in Robber Roost BLM area. Looks like BLM and/or SAR (Search and Rescue) folks in Wayne County are anticipating (or already experiencing?) big interest in Blue John Canyon this season. I’d be interested in knowing which of the two – anticipating or experiencing – is the case. I wonder whether the filmmakers considered the effects of the film on traffic to Blue John. Did they realize hundreds or thousands of folks might come here looking for the “Blue Pool”, only to find it isn’t actually here? Did they consider the possible burden popular interest might put on the volunteer SAR team in a small county with a small tax base? I don’t know that they should have, necessarily, but I wonder if they considered these questions. Of course, it’s impossible to say what influence “127 Hours” will have on Blue John… If it inspires enough interest/visitation, Robbers Roost could become our next National Park. I haven’t looked into it, but I’d be surprised if one or many guide services have not already begun marketing Blue John/127 Hours trips for the 2011 season. I’d imagine a TON of folks would want to … Continue reading

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