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Virgin River Flash Flood Video

Mike and Seth caught some revealing footage of the Virgin River in scary flash flood mode as it carried a huge cottonwood tree down-river like an insignificant Poohstick. See how dark the water is? The color comes from the high load of silt, mud, and rock the river picks up in a flood event. 95% of the erosion in Zion happens in punctuated events like this, where sudden, heavy rains create high-volume, high-velocity river conditions that pick up tons and tons of sediment and move it downstream. Once the momentum gets going, all that debris can scour banks and displace large areas of sediment, replacing ankle-deep shallows with deep pools, and vice-versa. It’s super fun to explore the river after a flood event like this and try to find the best “new” swimming holes the flood has created. The guys filmed this footagee just above the Springdale River Park, where we pick up tubers at the end of their runs. Seems like tubing would be a little extreme with that amount of water and debris in the river, don’t you think? If you want to see a flash flood, I highly recommend a viewing it from a safe place like this, … Continue reading

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RiverWork: A Writing Competition About the Virgin River

Local non-profits FormTommorow and Zion Arts and Humanities Council (Z-Arts!) are co-sponsoring a writing contest for authors of all ages who live or work in the Virgin River Corridor and/or Washington County. Entitled “RiverWork,” the contest encourages everyone with a knack for the written word to reflect upon the relationships surrounding the Virgin River and compose something moving, convincing, and/or simply beautiful to move the conversation (and conservation?) forward. Nice idea, right? And the prizes are good: $250 for adult winners and $150 for young adult and youth winners. If interested, download the contest details and rules, pick up a pen or composition machine of your choice, and start cracking! Submissions are due by May 21, 2012.

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Virgin River Flooding, Zion Closed, Rockville and Virgin Evacuated

After 4 straight days of heavy rain, the Virgin River is rising to impressive and dangerous levels in Zion. While the river’s typical volume this time of year is under 100 cubic feet/second, the river almost reached 6000 cfs this afternoon… and the forecast for rain continues through tomorrow. Things are pretty scary here, as Mother Nature lets it all loose. The Park Service has closed and evacuated the Zion National Park, partially triggered by erosional failure of part of the Zion Scenic Drive road. This morning, Rockville mayor Alan Brown declared a State of Emergency and many Rockville residents began evacuating their homes, fearful the raging Virgin River will breach the Trees Ranch dam and rise over the flood bank and into town. As of an hour ago, the dam is reported to have a partial breach, though evidently it is still holding. Perhaps a slow breach is better than a fast one? I’m unsure how breaches work, but in any case it sounds like bad news. Below is the view from Zion Canyon Sanctuary, where Mayor Brown lives, earlier this morning… If you are coming to Zion for any reason, please keep yourself informed of the latest news … Continue reading

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Midsummer Tubing in Zion Canyon

When the daytime highs are hitting the 100′s, an afternoon tubing session can be VITAL to group sanity. Floating in 65-degree water beneath shady boughs, you can relax, cool down, and get ready for that sunset hike up Angel’s Landing. If you’re interested in tubing while in Zion, check out our tubing page for all the details. Here are a few photos our man Daniel took on the river recently… Enjoy!

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