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Canyoneers Accidentally Corner a Bighorn Sheep in Tuckup

Noticed this story from Rich Rudrow on the Canyons Group and thought it both an interesting story and a good reminder of the “wild” in wildlife. Reminds me of a story I heard from some clients of mine who had a pretty hairy encounter with a large bull near the Escalante River trailhead. A mere 1/4-mile from the parking lot, these two hikers stepped into a side canyon to explore, only to be rushed back to the river by a snarling, foaming, enraged bull. They held the bull off with their trekking poles, but eventually resorted to all sorts of tricks of misdirection and cliff-scaling to escape. I think their story was published in Backpacker magazine? But I digress… Here’s a great story from Mr. Rudrow on bighorn sheep and the dangers of getting photographically bold: I often think about the risks we take while exploring slot canyons in Grand Canyon. Are the ropes long enough and do we have the right gear? Can we protect against hypothermia? Rockfall? How do we get out after rappelling through the target slot canyon? Most risks can be mitigated by training and planning. But I’ve never considered wildlife a serious risk, until last … Continue reading

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