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Wildflower Walk In Lower Pine Creek with Tom

Once again, Tom takes us for a floral stroll to see what’s blooming. In this autumnal edition, Tom shoots Big Rabbitbrush, Silver Sagebrush, Saltbush, and “some kinda” Fleabane, amongst others, as well as a few larger-than-life arthropods. Enjoy!

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Imlay Conditions and Trip Report, September 25th

Did Imlay/Sneak yesterday with Evergreen Dean and a couple of his friends, and Elisa from ZAC and Tim who works at the Lodge. For the first time EVER (well, almost, one odd exception) I encountered another group in Imlay – 4 nice people doing the Full. Imlay Canyon is full full full. Of both water and sand. Only one pothole exit required an assist, others were just ‘beached whale moves’. Okay, the pothole near the end (3rd to last rap) required some log manipulation and difficult climbing supplied by Tim. Some of the pools were skanky skanky skanky… We replaced 3-4 pieces of webbing around logs. Out in the Zion Narrows hike about 6 p.m. A good time had by all. Tom Editor’s note: Find the full trip report and pictorial essay on The Latest Rave.

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Pothole Escapes: An Introduction

I recently ran across this highly illustrative portrait of a pothole escape from a Lake Powell canyon in Spring 2009, and I thought it a good example of this infamous canyon character, the Pothole. Potholes have a grand reputation in canyoneering for being some of the most intimidating and diabolical characters around. Back when Imlay and Heaps were scary, don’t-go-there canyons, tales of the freezing, dark, unknown potholes left many canyoneers (including me) more than nervous to go see for themselves. So… what exactly IS a pothole? As seen here, a pothole is basically a big hole in a canyon, drilled out to large proportions by gritty water over hundreds of years. In this particular case, the pothole is about 15 feet deep and perhaps 20 feet in diameter. Because the walls are very to completely smooth, it is typically impossible to climb your way out, leaving your creativity to overcome what brute strength and agility cannot. And thus comes forth the barrage of tricks: pack tosses, sand bags, partner hoists, stick clips, and other techniques ranging from medieval to genius. All the tricks and tools have one simple goal – getting out of the hole safely and efficiently. In … Continue reading

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More Zion Wildflowers from Tom Jones

Back from another shooting spree, Tom’s posted up a number of wildflowers for measurement and identification on his Latest Rave site. If you enjoy serious flower study, you can easily spend 30 minutes here sauntering with Tom, pondering sub-species, stamen lengths, and the wealth of flowers brought on by the big monsoon year. There are a number of flowers Tom needs help identifying; if you can help, drop him a line!

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