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Eldorado Ticino – A Swiss Canyoneering Guidebook in English

When traveling abroad with canyoneering in mind, it can be difficult to secure good information on local canyons, and even more difficult to get that information in English. Fortunately, one of Europe’s very best canyon areas, Ticino in southern Switzerland, has a guidebook available in English: Eldorado Ticino, by Anna and Luca Nizzola. Here’s what Petzl has to say about Ticino: Ticino is the southernmost canton of Switzerland. Located on the southern slopes of the Alps, it enjoys a sunny, mild climate during the summer months and offers many water-based activities, including canyoning. The last ice age ended some 12,000 years ago and in its wake it left a multitude of fine, deep, smooth and fascinating granite gorges that today make Ticino one of the most renowned canyoning destinations in Europe. Though my jaw dropped when I saw the price tag ($75 from Canyoneering USA, or 48 swiss francs direct from Swiss Canyon), the book is stacked with reliable information from local canyoneers and filled with gorgeous photographs to boot. Here are the stats: • More than 100 routes: – 60 canyons with complete written descriptions; route, profile, and topo maps; water safety photographs to indicate when water levels are … Continue reading

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Class C Canyoning in the French and Italian Alps

I don’t typically enjoy homemade canyoneering videos… but this one from British adventurer Steve Flanagan is pretty good. Short and sweet, with a great soundtrack to boot, the video features some sweet Class C canyoning in the French and Italian Alps. The slides, jumps, and water quality are brilliant, and Steve throws in some neat effects for our entertainment. On a related note, a brand new guidebook to the canyons of the Ticino, Switerland region recently emerged IN ENGLISH. This region features canyons very similar to those in the above video: lots of flowing water, hard rock, and a good mix of rappelling/sliding/jumping scenarios. With over 100 routes, I’m guessing this book would set a well-trained, well-equipped group up for a great week- to month-long adventure trip to Ticino.

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