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3DBs Help Regular People Become Able Canyoneers

Empowerment is the hallmark of any Zion Adventure Company course. Spend some time with our instructors on a technical course or a guided trip, and you leave more capable than when you arrived. And the more time you spend with us, the more able you become… which is why our Three-Day Basic Canyoneering courses produce some amazingly capable canyoneers, problem-solvers, and outdoor leaders. I’m highlighting our Three-Day Basic courses in response to a recent Yelp review on the course. The impact this course had on these guys is amazing, yet honestyly, this type of response is pretty common for a 3DB group: I am a frequent visitor to Zion National Park and I have always rented my gear and sought advice at ZAC. I recently took the three day basic canyoneering course and it far exceeded my expectations. I learned much more than I anticipated and all six members of our group went from knowing little-to-nothing with respect to technical canyoneering to being able to handle canyons on our own with complete confidence and proficiency (Mystery and Pine Creek). I can’t say enough about the level and breadth of instruction in this course (raps, anchor building, problem solving, sequencing, gear set up, … Continue reading

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Two Spots Open for Upcoming Three-Day Canyoneering Course

I am teaching a Three-Day Basic Canyoneering course over Labor Day weekend (sort of), Sept 2, 3, and 4. We have two places available for this course. Cost is $550.00 per person. This course is tailored to people who have been down a canyon or two, and wish to jump up their skills and experience considerably. Each course is customized to the participants, however, the two people already signed up for the course have done a canyon or two, and have experience caving. Get more information or sign up here. Tom

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Memories from ZAC Client Jerry King

Few clients have accrued more stories with Zion Adventure Company than Jerry King. Jerry’s been adventuring with us for the better part of a decade, annually bringing neophytes to Zion for their canyoneering baptisms. When Jerry saw we were looking for 15th Anniversary stories, naturally he jumped right in. Thanks for sharing your time and passion with us, Jerry. ****** HOLY COW! THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS…. ONE-DAY BASIC PROGRAM, OCTOBER 2005 After treks into The Narrows the previous couple of years, it was time to step up my game, so I signed on to a basic canyoneering course by the good folks at the ZAC. I anticipated a simple program… perhaps some white-board talk and a gear review in the ZAC shop, and maybe a little time in the field. Wrong! Our group of four neophytes headed out at 7:30 am for a Class III slot canyon. OK…so this might be a bit more serious than I thought. Oh… but I didn’t know how right that observation was! After a 45-minute drive into the backcountry, we hiked a couple miles to the head of our canyon “classroom”. After practicing some important knots and a reviewing the equipment we had been given, … Continue reading

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