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Toronto Poet Adam Sol Visits Springdale Next Week

Autumn always kicks off a wonderful local arts calendar in Springdale, and I have been slow to blow the trumpet this year. But no more! Next Tuesday, come hear Toronto poet, Adam Sol, read verse to stir your soul and rouse your thoughts from the day-to-day. He’ll be reading at Therese Feinauer’s Sundancer Books in Springdale, just across from the Shell station downtown. If you like to preview your poets (I do), here’s an interview and a poem to give you a taste of Mr. Sol. Hey, “Mr. Sol” is a pretty sweet name, isn’t it? He’ll be right at home at Sol Foods. Harharhar… Anyway, bring a friend or two along, and it’s always a good idea to bring the wallet too for whatever you might find in our fabulous local bookstore. See you there!

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New Zion Guide Book from Local Author Greer Chesher

Award-winning local author and dear friend of mine, Greer Chesher, has a new book out that’s all about adventuring in Zion National Park. I haven’t gotten my mitts on a copy yet, but I plan to soon. Not only does “Zion Adventure Guide” feature Greer’s eloquent, descriptive prose, but also the notable design talents of local graphic designer and book artist, Sandy Bell, who contributed original maps, illustrations, and the overall design work that makes the book “just so”. Michigan photographer Joe Braun, who I blogged on recently, pitched in about 60 images to the book. With this kind of talent involved, the goods MUST be good. The best place to get your copy of Greer’s book might be Sundancer Books in Springdale this coming Saturday, November 27th, when Greer will be signing copies from 2 to 4 p.m. Stop by Therese’s wonderful book store for a good browse during the festivities this weekend, and pick up of “Zion Adventure Guide” to stimulate ideas for exploring Zion in 2011! Here’s the official news release: Zion Adventure Guide: Exploring Zion National Park by Greer Chesher The Zion Adventure Guide was three years in the making and is the first complete guide … Continue reading

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