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Assorted Zion Notes and Updates

Some informational tidbits for first-time and long-time visitors alike: • Middle Emerald Pools trail will be closed all summer. This information is clearly included on the park map in the *new* ZNP summer guide just printed this week and available from the Park. Evidently, the hillside next to the trail is still moving and unsafe. Hikers can still access the trail to the Upper Pool by connecting via the Lower Pool and the Kayenta Trail… you don’t really miss too much. • Menu Falls is currently closed. Menu Falls is a special little spot, unmarked by any sign, but often discovered by bikers on their way up to the Temple of Sinewava. Anyhow, there was a rock slide Monday night (big rocks that blocked the road, moved now but stopped shuttle traffic for a bit) that damaged part of the upper platform, so the Falls are closed until proper repairs can be made. • The Canyon Overlook parking lot will only be open to traffic coming through the tunnel and closed to traffic coming from the East side. East side traffic will have to park in the pullout on the right before the tunnel as they will not be allowed to … Continue reading

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Recent Subway Trouble Highlights Dangerous Spring Conditions

While there are LOTS of fantastic ways to enjoy Zion right now, hiking The Subway is not one of them. Due to dangerous high water conditions and a flurry of “lost hiker” reports in the last two weeks, the Park Service has closed The Subway until further notice. While nobody has been seriously injured or harmed, this story from KSL Salt Lake City features video from the crew that helped out hikers who spent four days stranded in the Subway last week. While The Subway has a reputation as a moderate, beautiful hike which is appropriate for families and kids, risks involved in The Subway are VERY contextual. In mid-June, when rain is rare, temperatures high, and days long, The Subway can be exceptionally hospitable. Even then, however, you still need to have proper equipment and knowledge to manage short rappels, downclimbs, and cold water. During periods of heavy rain or snow melt, however, The Subway quickly becomes an intimidating and life-threatening place. Though some canyoneers do have proper equipment, experience, and training to descend The Subway in high-water conditions, most use good judgment by going elsewhere to better conditions, and returning on a better day or season.

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