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Fantastic Canyon Landscape Video from Aerial Filmworks

Picked up these video links from the Canyons Group and wanted to post them here for your pleasure. Aerial Filmworks is the outfit behind the Planet Earth series, along with a truck-load of other stunning documentary footage for everything from Survivor to the YukonQuest Dog Sled Race to car chase sequences for Animal Cops. They use a super-fancy camera, the Cineflex V14 HD heli-gimal, which is “gyro-stable”, meaning it stays completely still and level when a helicopter is twisting, turning, and vibrating like mad. Check out these wonderful landscape videos of the many twists and turns of the Grand Canyon (on top) and the awesome variesty of the Four Corners area of UT/CO/AZ, including Monument Valley, the San Juan River, and the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

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