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$2 Off Morning Tube Rentals

When I’m on vacation, it can be difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Wake up at 9 or 10, find some clothes to put on,¬†saunter to breakfast… you know how it can be. But those are never my best days. The most memorable adventures usually follow early rise-n-shines, when I get up before the sun and squeeze everything I can out of the day. And our latest promotion is aimed to help you do just that… From now through September, morning tubers get $2 off their Virgin River tubing rental for making the herculean effort to roll out of bed early. Well, it’s not THAT early, but we’re encouraging baby steps here. Avoid cloudy afternoon thunderstorms and crowded afternoons on the river by coming in early to float the Virgin rive, score a discount, and make lots of time for an awesome hike or guided trip in the afternoon. Helping you enjoy tubing in Zion since 2006!

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