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Mountain Top Reflections: Perception

“Perception is reality.” This is the golden rule of business marketing, which I heard repeatedly in my college business courses. While I have always held an aversion to the idea of the manipulating anyone’s reality for business purposes, I feel like this perception/reality concept is much more interesting and pertinent in my personal life, and I have been reflecting on it lately. I was talking about relationships with a client this week, and I found her vocabulary interesting. She referred to herself as “unmarried” (instead of “divorced”); instead of saying “ex-husband,” she said “my children’s father”. At first, I thought she was avoiding reality, or demonstrating some hip, progressive vocabulary. For a couple days afterwards, I thought about these unusual labels, and it eventually dawned on me this woman was not trying to evade judgment for getting divorced, but simply use vocabulary that framed her world in a way she found helpful and positive. I am so used to thinking about divorce as a failure, I have difficulty reframing it; my client was shifting the perception, and identifying things for what they are rather than what they are not. Genius. Talking about your ex-husband emphasizes the end of a significant relationship, … Continue reading

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