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Mild Winter Conditions Make for Good Summit Scrambles

Sawtooth Sean posted a fun trip report on Summitpost, detailing his recent Zion peakbagging exploits. After an Angels Landing warm-up upon arrival, they scrambled the West Temple on a short January day, showing short winter days are plenty long enough for a small, efficient team to get up there and back in a reasonable day. When the team was denied an Aries Butte climb the following day (they couldn’t find the route, a common occurrence), they ventured out to Tabernacle Dome to gain some gorgeous views up in Cave Valley. Note on Kinesava/West Temple climbs: Those who wish to avoid terse notes (or worse) from the sheriff should consider parking at the Chinle Trail parking lot, as mentioned in this trip report by H.W. Stockman from April 2011.

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Mediocre Mountaineering

Inspired by some of the moderately technical summits in Zion’s more remote corners, my Zion “to do” list has been expanding lately to include a number of minor,non-technical summits. A couple of weeks ago, I scrambled to the top of the North Guardian Angel with Nick for a quick afternoon adventure; this weekend, the memory of adjacent Pine Valley Peak pulled me to return for another fun summit adventure. There is something freeing about standing on a summit and seeing the canyons and mesas stretching out across the horizon. It is a special sensation. To be unbound by canyon walls, to sense the vastness of the area, and to feel a lightness that technical climbing rarely allows. I climb in approach shoes with sticky rubber, packing a rope, water, food, a harness, some carabiners, belay device, and webbing. There is evidence of past climbers on these routes, yet the slickrock encourages me strike out and find my own path up the meandering cracks and ledges. The Purcell guidebook has route and equipment information on Zion summits helpful in planning and executing a successful climb, but the descriptions are rough enough to maintain a good sense of adventure. Back in Washington’s … Continue reading

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