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Nice National Geographic Photo Essay on Aussie Canyons

If this article and photo essay doesn’t spur you towards Aussie canyoning, I don’t know what will. In National Geographic’s typically colorful and dramatic style, Matt Jenkins takes us along on a trip down Danae Brook Canyon, in Australia’s famed sandstone range, the Blue Mountains. Jenkins sets the scene, introduces a couple “rival” canyoneers, and quickly find his way into a canyon with a local enthusiast. While Jenkins offers an interesting story with colorful characters and lots of descriptive action, the real gem here is Carsten Peter’s photo essay, which is linked on the left sidebar of the article. Peter does an amazing job capturing the color, light, and drama of Australian canyons, and it’s worth noting that he does this whilst dealing with wet, dirty conditions which are particularly unfriendly to cameras. Thanks to Peter and Jenkins for highlighting far-away canyon escapades that bring perspective to our own local canyons and dreams about visiting foreign ones someday.

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