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Two Narrows Campsites Closed for 2011 Season

Looks like we are down two campsites for the remainder of the season, or until they can be “relocated.” Sites #1 and #10 were vanquished by the December floods, and determined unusable by the Park Service. How do you relocated a campsite, anyway? Too bad about Site #1, which is (was) well ahead of all the other Narrows sites. One of my favorite ways to hike The Narrows in the busy season has been to leave on a late (9:30 am) shuttle for Chamberlain’s Ranch, let all the other shuttle passengers go ahead while I eat lunch (i.e. lighten my load), then start the hike with everyone else ahead of me. With reservations at Campsite #1, I can alway count on a silent, solitude experience until at least midday of Day 2, when I start catching up with late-rising overnighters and ultra ambitious through-hikers begin to pass me. Hopefully, Campsite #1 stays in a similar vicinity… or I might need to make a new plan. Here’s the official release from ZNP: Zion Canyon Narrows Reopen for Visitor Use The popular Zion Canyon Narrows (The Narrows) have reopened for visitor use to both day hikers and overnight campers. Due to high water from an … Continue reading

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Zion Narrows Now Open for Bottom-Up Hiking

At 9:00 a.m. this morning, Zion National Park temporarily suspended the “24-hour” rule to allow hikers into The Narrows via the Bottom-Up hike. Kudos to the Park Service for allowing hundreds, if not thousands, of people to hike the Narrows while the Virgin River flirts with the 140 CFS level for a few days, en route to its normal summer volume. Had the Park decided to strictly enforce the “under 140 CFS for 24 hours” rule, many, many people would have missed a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see one of the most stunning hikes in the world. While the Bottom-Up Narrows hike is now open, those wishing to hike The Narrows in its entirety, from the top-down, must wait a few more days. The Park predicts issuing top-down day hike permits beginning Thursday, 6/30, and overnight backpacking permits Saturday, 7/2. If your group is planning a top-down Narrows hike soon, be sure to make a Chamberlain’s Ranch shuttle reservation soon, as we are likely to book up quickly. On a related note, now that the Bottom-Up Narrows is open, the technical canyoneering route down Mystery Canyon should also be open – if you can get a permit. ZNP allows 12 people … Continue reading

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