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3 Men Caught in Spry Flash Flood

Most years, June and the early portion of July is bone-dry in Zion as temperatures creep from the 80s, to the 90s, and up into the 100s. Right around mid-July, however, the thunderstorm engines on the West Coast rev up and we see big, black, cumulus rollers come through almost every afternoon. This is “monsoon season” in Zion, a far cry from the namesake torrents of SE Asia, but still a major force to reckon with, especially if you are in a canyon environment. Desert News and KCSG television recently reported the story of three Las Vegas men who were caught in a flash flood in Spry Canyon last Saturday, June 24th. Evidently, all three of the men were washed over a 40-ft. drop, and two of the three washed over and additional 60-ft. drop. Fortunately, one of the guys was able to signal for help, and though details of injuries are unclear, it sounds like everyone was transported alive to the hospital to Las Vegas. Over the years, we’ve met very few people who were actually caught in the water/debris flow of a flash flood and lived to tell about it. The above stories provide sketches of the events, … Continue reading

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