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Sizing Five Ten Canyoneers for Really Big Feet

Each year, I get several questions from curious Sasquatchian Canyoneers wondering, “What is the biggest foot that fits in the Five Ten Canyoneer 2?” As a person with a size 14 foot, I empathize with fellow men and women who struggle to find shoes that fit. I have been fortunate to see what does and does not work in dozens of rental situations where folks with large feet tried on the Canyoneer2, so I thought I’d share this admittedly esoteric knowledge here for the world to enjoy. First, let’s lay out the important facts to consider when planning a large foot fitting: 1) Foot width is often describes as foot “volume”. A narrow foot is considered “low volume”; a wide foot is “high volume”. 2) The largest Canyoneer 2 size Five Ten makes is 15; the next smaller sizes are 14, then 13 (no half sizes). 3) The sock a person wears inside the Canyoneer 2 greatly affects the fit. Thicker socks offer more warmth in cold water, cushion for hiking, and help low-volume feet fill the width of the Canyoneer 2. Thinner socks provide less insulation (good for summer), but offer less cushion. Here are a few popular sock … Continue reading

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