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Lake Powell Boaters’ Update

Wondering what is going on in Glen Canyon? A fantastic winter snowfall in the Rockies is currently melting, and on Friday, July 1 the inflow to Lake Powell measured 78,849 cubic feet per second. At the same time, the outflow of water released down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead was 24,522 CFS, which is the maximum power generating capacity of the electric station at Glen Canyon Dam. As a result, Lake Powell is currently rising eight inches each day; the Lake level has risen ten feet in the last two weeks. The result for boaters is a myriad of dangerous obstacles barely covered by water, capable of injuring boats and boaters alike. In addition to the rocks, the rising water is floating once-beached logs, bark, and trash, creating additional hazards. Some Specific Lake Powell Notes: • Wiregrass Canyon (behind Lone Rock( currently has at least five rock hazards just below the current water level. • The entrance to Labyrinth Canyon is very difficult to navigate at the current water level. • The camping area at Lone Rock Beach is disappearing daily, as the rising water submerges more of the sandy beach. This is true of … Continue reading

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