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Zion NP Requests Your Comments on Kolob Terrace Road Work

The Kolob Terrace Road makes for a beautiful drive or bike ride, but it does have some really rough spots that are especially tough on the cycling crowd. I wonder if they’ll rebuild the road to withstand the heavy truck traffic that has been increasingly present due to private construction projects near Kolob Reservoir? If not, I imagine the road won’t last nearly as long as it has this last time around. Whatever happens, it’s great to see the KTR is up for renovation soon. Zion National Park News Release www.nps.gov/zion  For Immediate Release  Kezia Nielsen 435-772-0211  Marc Neidig 435-772-0164  September 16, 2011  Zion National Park Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Kolob Terrace Road Rehabilitation Project Zion National Park is seeking public comment on the National Park Service’s proposed plan to rehabilitate sections of the Kolob Terrace Road. An environmental assessment analyzing the impacts of the proposed road work has been completed and is available for public review and comment.  The proposed project would correct deficiencies in road conditions and related safety concerns. Deterioration in the current pavement has led to surface cracks, rutting, buckling, and unraveling of the pavement edge. Years of increased vehicle use, including heavy truck traffic from … Continue reading

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Zion on a Core Strand – The Frugal Traveler’s Guide

Climbing season is here, and I just hosted my first carload of weekend warriors, showing them around, getting out to some amazing multi-pitch climbs, and, of course, filling my living room with dirty but grateful climbing friends. I LOVE that more and more people are exploring Zion, but I only have so much couch space, so I feel obliged to pass on a few tips toward pulling off the dirtbag lifestyle here in Zion. LEAVE NO TRACE First, let’s discuss impact. There is a lot of room to be carefree, to find your own way, to get out into wilderness, but in order to maintain and protect such freedoms, we must act as stewards to our Parks and public lands. I have always liked the Leave No Trace motto, “Making your mark is overrated.” The reality is that to continue enjoying places like Zion, we need to recognize our potential impact, and respect the environment and others who are here to enjoy pristine wilderness. A minimum-impact guidelines to keep in mind: • Sleep only in established campsites, unless you are at least ½ mile away from any road • Walking only on established trails or drainage bottoms is key to … Continue reading

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Anticipating Fall Colors in Zion

Autumn sneaks up on us in Zion. The temperatures stop breaking 100 sometime in early September, then the weather turns various shades of gorgeous for the next two months – highs in the 70′s and 70′s, crisp nights – while each day whittles back its daylight hours. For a hardwoods Midwesterner like me, it doesn’t really feel like fall until the leaves change colors, and on the canyon floor, this happens quite late.  Since the cottonwood trees along the creeks and rivers don’t take color until early November, it’s easy to forget about fall colors… sometimes I miss them altogether. But if you love fall foliage (and who doesn’t) it’s not too difficult to find it in spades around here… you just have to know where to look. Go up high. Leaves begin changing as early as mid-September in the highest regions of the Park. One of my favorite autumn drives is the loop from Springdale up to the Cedar Breaks high country and back, which typically packs a wallop of arboreal majesty. To make the most of this trip, don’t use the highway. Instead, take SR 9 from Springdale to Virgin, then turn up the Kolob Terrace Road, ascending … Continue reading

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